Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween treats and a Special Surprise!

This has been a crazy, busy week. We got through the storm without any damage. To see the devastation in NJ and NY made me so grateful that we had no problems here. We were told on Sunday night that the storm was coming right for us here in south central PA, and I think some people were affected, but nothing like people on the coast.
The kids stayed home on Monday and Tuesday because school was cancelled. Things got back to normal on Wednesday. Well, as normal as things are on Halloween. My daughter had a fun preschool Halloween party.
 Spending 3 hours with 30 preschoolers on Halloween was exhausting! I don't know how the teachers do it.
Then Halloween night was filled with getting all 3 kids ready for trick or treating. My daughter decided to warm her warmer Winnie the Pooh costume, and the boys were dressed as Anakin Skywalker and a Jawa.
After trick or treating, I checked my email and found out that I had been accepted to be a member of the Oiselle Ambassador Team! For those not familiar with Oiselle (pronounced Way-zelle- french word for bird), they are an awesome women's running apparel company.  They have great, high quality running clothes made especially for women.  I discovered them a few months ago on Twitter (@oiselle), and when I found out that they have runners around the country representing their company at races, I jumped at the chance to apply to represent and promote their company.  What a thrill to be selected! I will be soon wearing their racing singlet proudly at races. Check out their website, and start shopping! I don't think I'll have my race kit in time for the Harrisburg marathon next weekend, but I have a few favorite Oiselle pieces, including my Roga shorts and my arm warmers, which I plan on wearing.
 So, this week will be focused on resting, hydrating, carbo loading and preparing mentally for the 26.2 miles on Sunday.  I am formulating my goals and strategy in my mind, and I will share them with you soon. Go Fast. Take Chances.

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