Monday, September 30, 2013

Preparing for Ragnar DC

I am heading to Maryland in just a few days for an epic adventure:The Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown.  As I am starting to pack and prepare for my journey, I thought I would review a couple of products that the sponsors of this adventure had sent me recently.  So, of course, the obligatory disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me for free. I was not asked to promote these products, and all my opinions are my own.
  Two of the most recent products I received were the Ultimate Direction Hand-Held Fast-Draw Bottle and 110% Flat-Out Sox. 
  I was very happy to receive the Hand Held bottle because just recently I had lost my Amphipod one.  This sounds strange, but I think it went out with the recycling by accident.  I had received as a gift for my birthday, and I stored in our pantry, right above the recycling bin. Just a couple of months ago, it went missing! To tell you the truth, I wasn't a big fan of it because it always leaked while I was running. I had been looking for a replacement, and lucky me, I got it!
 The Ultimate Direction Bottle does not leak.  It holds 20 oz of fluid, has a "kicker valve" which takes a little practice to get used to. It involves squeezing, biting and sucking to get the liquid out. That sounds very suggestive, but I have no other way to describe it! I have gotten the hang of it, and the fact that it doesn't leak makes it all worth it. I like the tension-lock hand strap. I can adjust it so that it is tight and after a few minutes, you can forget it is even there.  There is a zippered pocket which has just enough room for my car key and a Gel.  And I love the color I received- Pink! That means there will be no "borrowing" of it by my boys and husband. Bonus!!
The second product I received were the Flat Sox from 110%PlayHarder.  I have been using the Compression Sleeves with Ice for at least a year now. They have helped my shin splints so much. I love putting these on when I get home from long runs. The fact that you can insert the ice sheets into the pockets of the calf sleeves is ingenious.  In the past, I have had to hold an ice pack to my shins, or tie a tea-towel around my leg to hold the ice.  I have loved these compression sleeves. Now I have the Compression socks and I have really liked the support they give for long runs.  I find the material very supportive and soft.  They are made of a wicking material, so sweating is kept to a minimum.  Not only do my shins feel supported, so do my feet and arches.  The only thing I think is missing from these socks is the ability to insert ice post-run.  It would be great to leave them on, put my feet up and insert ice right into the socks.  Instead, I have removed these, and then pulled on the compression sleeves with the ice pockets.  Not a big deal, they are a good compression sock.  I will definitely be wearing them for the Ragnar Relay during the runs and while waiting in the van. 
 Here's a photo of the socks I received:
You will be able to see me coming down the road with these reflective stripes!!
I will bringing both of these products with me to Ragnar.  Any body who is training for a long distance event would benefit from trying them out.  Now, it's time to start packing all my gear for the relay.  Cumberland, MD, here I come!!

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  1. That is interesting about the handheld - I am always in search of the perfect one! I have an Amphipod right now and it is fine but now I'll have to consider giving the Ultimate Direction one a try. Not leaking is key!