Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feeling the Need to Help

I have read some wonderfully written blog posts regarding the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I don't have much to add.  I was thinking to myself that I wasn't directly affected, so I didn't need to add to the commentary.
  But I was affected in some ways.  As a runner who enjoys racing several times a year, sometimes at major events, I am affected.  My family is affected.  I talked to my older kids yesterday (ages 10 and 12) about the tragedy because they had questions, and it had been discussed at school.  It is difficult to explain to them that although spectators were killed and injured at the marathon, this most likely will never happen to them. This tragedy, like other recent ones ( movie theater shooting in Colorado, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and others) creates fear in all of us.  It is difficult to explain to children that these are terrible things that happen,and that we can't prevent them. 
  I am running in a large Half Marathon in 11 days in a major city.  My kids know this.  They are fearful.  I have attempted to reassure them, but there is only so much I can do.  I had not planned on them being there, so that is not an issue. Will I hesitate next time when thinking if they should be there cheering myself or my husband on during a major race?  Right now, yes. I am hesitant.  Just as I was hesitant sending them off to school in December after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. But the truth is, we can't protect our loved ones every minute of the day.  We have to trust that they will be safe.  We can't live in constant fear.
  So, with this helpless feeling comes the need in myself to DO SOMETHING.  Anything to help those affected by the tragedy. I was so happy to see in my email a post from Another Mother Runner this morning.  Dimity and Sarah are suggesting 10 ways that you can help, right now.  Please click on this link, and help in anyway that you can.  10 Ways to Support Boston
  For now, I am holding my loved ones close and praying for all those affected by this tragedy. 

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