Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Race #2: Frozen Foot 5K #2 Race Report

I love the Lux layer in Poppy! Perfect with the Oiselle singlet.
This was the 2nd race in a series of 3.  The final one will be March 17. The first one was on Jan.20, and I was recovering from having the flu and subsequent bronchitis.  The race was a tough one for me, so I was hoping that after one month of healthy running, I would fare better. I chose to wear my new Oiselle Lux layer in poppy color (LOVE !), my singlet on top and Lesley tights.  Because of the wind, I also wore a winter cap and gloves. 
  The weather was not the best, 25 degrees, with big gusts of wind and a wind chill that made the temperature feel like 15 degrees.  I headed to the race on my own, my family opting to stay home this time.  I arrived at the race 45 minutes before the start, picked up my number and timing chip and made a bathroom stop.  I relaxed for a few minutes, sipped on water and listened to music on my iPhone.  With 20 minutes before the race, I headed out for my warm up. Because the race starts at Elizabethtown College, there was a track next to where the race was starting. I decided to do 10 minutes of very easy warm up, with a couple strides thrown in at the end.  After a couple more sips of water, I headed to the start.  I felt great, and ready to go.  The wind was picking up, and I didn't want to wait around too long to start.
  And then we were off! The first mile is challenging, because there is a significant hill from .75 to 1.1 miles.  I was ready for it this time though, and my first mile split was 7:47.  At this time, snow flurries had started, and the wind was hitting us pretty hard.  I was grateful that this was only a 5K, and not a longer race.  The second mile had a couple of small hills, and I felt like we were running into the wind, so second split was 7:54.  I knew I had to pick it up in the last mile.  The last mile has a couple of good downhills, so I was able to pick up the pace, and completed mile #3 in 7:35.  I pushed it through the last .1 and my final time (according to my Garmin) was 24:23.  So close to a PR, but not quite! (my PR is 24:10, on a flat course).  This was still more than a minute faster than the 5K of last month, so I was happy with the result.  I know if I stay healthy I can beat my time next month. 
  After the race, I headed back to the track and did a nice slow cool down for one mile. Then inside the building to stretch and sip more water.  They had chicken soup for the runners, but since I don't eat meat, I did not partake in that.  Too bad, hot soup would have actually tasted pretty good.
So, headed home with a smile on my face.  Good improvement in the last month. I know a PR is in my near future.

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