Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feeling Human Again

Turns out I don't have pneumonia, so that was great news.  I am continuing on the antibiotics to clear up the bronchitis.  It's amazing what a couple of days of antibiotics can do.  I went to my book club meeting yesterday, finally putting on "regular" clothes and makeup.  But only after getting out for a 3 mile, almost comfortable run.  Still some coughing, and not quite 100 % yet, but getting there... At book club we discussed the book The Light Between Oceans. An interesting read, with many intriguing themes.  I recommend it to any one who is looking for something easy to read, and wants a "page-turner".
 This morning I joined my new running group, hosted by Appalachian Running Company. There were 9 of us out there today, including 4 women.  I managed to get in 6 miles, at a slow pace.  Feeling better everyday.  Looking forward to my race on the 20th, the Frozen Feet 5K in Elizabethtown.  It will be the first time I can wear my new Oiselle Team singlet. I know it will most likely not be a PR, but it's good to get in the first race of the year.  The first of 13 planned for 2013!
Wish me luck!

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