Monday, April 17, 2017


     Today is the Boston Marathon, and it is also the first day of training for my first Ultra Marathon which will be the Blues Cruise 50K on October 1.  Therefore, I am resurrecting this neglected blog page to start documenting my journey to Ultra.
     I have been thinking for years of attempting a race distance exceeding the marathon distance (26.2 miles).  Once I had learned of Train Like a Mother Club offering Ultra training plans this year, I decided the time was right.  And they sweetened the deal by having the very accomplished Ultra runner herself, Stephanie Howe Violett as the coach of the program. Stephanie brings her personal expertise as well as an extensive educational background in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Nutrition to the Train Like a Mother Club. She has designed a 24 week training plan for the 50K (31mile) distance which includes running workouts, strength training, tons of training advice and nutritional guidance.  The majority of my runs will be run on the Appalachian Trail which I am lucky enough to have so close to my home here in Boiling Springs, PA.
     I hope you can follow along with my miles and smiles in the next 6 months on the move to Ultra.

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