Monday, March 21, 2016

Boston Baby!!

 I have some wonderful news to share.  I thought that my Boston Marathon dream was not meant to be for 2016, despite a Boston Qualifying Time at the New Jersey Marathon.  I had started to train for another Spring marathon, with the hope of running Boston Marathon 2017.
  A very unexpected opportunity then presented itself, and I jumped at it.  Ready for it???

  Hyland's Leg Cramps is sponsoring me to run Boston Marathon this year!!! I will be participating in Hyland's "Find Your Finish Line" Challenge.  Check out this website for more information, and to follow all the runners along their journey to the Boston Marathon.
     So, you may be wondering, how did this happen?  Another Mother Runner reached out to mother runners, like myself, as candidates to benefit from this wonderful opportunity. AMR has a partnership with Hyland's, who are the Official Cramp Relief sponsor of the Boston Marathon.  I am happy to report that I, along with 2 other mother runners, and 7 other runners will be participating in this unique challenge.
  This is a dream come true for me, and I hope you will follow along.  Less than  a month to go!!


  1. That is so amazing! Especially since you got a qualifying time at the NJM. I am super excited for you! I hope you write a race recap. I just stumbled upon your blog and hope to hear more from you.

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