Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am ready for a J-O-B! (Maybe)

So, I have been MIA in blogging lately. Last week I sat for my ACE Fitness Certified Personal Trainer Exam.  The 2 weeks prior, I studied like a maniac, trying to review everything I had studied since January.  Every spare minute was dedicated to studying whilst also having the kids home full-time. (School just started this Monday for 2/3 kids. Preschooler is home with me for another 2 weeks). I was pretty stressed, completely worried that I wouldn't pass the exam.  Failing was not an option as far as I was concerned. I had invested enough time and money into this that I didn't want to have to start over again.  So, that was my focus.  I am fortunate to have a husband who is completely supportive of me, and was able to help out as much as possible during the last couple weeks.  That included cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and keeping the kids out of my hair as much as possible. That, on top of working full-time, was a challenge for him. But I so appreciated it, and I feel that I would not have been successful without all his help and support. I am truly blessed to have a supportive spouse.
  So, yes, I did pass!! I drove to Harrisburg to take the exam at a testing center.  It took me almost 3 hours to complete the multiple choice exam.  It was challenging, and covered much of what I had studied.  I was relieved to see several questions that were "easy" and I was able to answer without hesitation.  There were a few, though, that it was difficult to distinguish the "best answer".  I tried to go with my first instinct, but did backtrack a couple of times.  I will never know what the right answer is, since you don't get to see the answers to your test afterwards, and to tell you the truth, all the questions went right out of my head as soon as I clicked on "Submit" on the exam.  What a relief to see that I had passed!
  Now the question is, what do I do with my certification?  I have been pondering that since I left Harrisburg that day.  I am also a Registered Nurse, but have not practiced since I was pregnant with my second child (11 years ago).  Ideally, I would like to incorporate Nursing and Personal Training together.  That could include being a "Wellness Educator", or something along those lines.  Currently, I have a couple of opportunities lined up.  In September, I will start coaching a "Running 101" program through the local YMCA.  I will be a run coach, with beginner runners preparing for a 5K race on Thanksgiving.  I am also starting a running group with the local running store. We will meet on Saturday mornings to do long runs together. 
  Neither of these are permanent jobs, but they are a start.  They are two opportunities to give me some experience and will hopefully lead me to another job.  I am also going to a Job Fair tomorrow, hoping to find some more opportunities. 
  I am excited for this new opportunity.  I am thrilled to finally find out what I want to do, my "passion". I am looking forward to help and inspire others to live a healthy life.

Are you happy with your chosen profession?
Do you ever think about trying something new? What stops you?

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