Friday, May 24, 2013

Join the Flock!

     I was thrilled and honored to be selected last November to be an Ambassador for the Oiselle Team.  I still pinch myself on a regular basis knowing that I am part of such a great group of women.  Not only do I have great running clothes now, I have the support of a great online community of women runners.  I even had the privilege of meeting a few of them at The Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler in DC in April of this year. 
     I became familiar with this great company last year after reading about them on Twitter.  All I can say is "they had me at Roga." If you haven't tried any of the clothes from Oiselle, I urge you to choose this as your first purchase.  They are like no other shorts I've run in.  Super comfortable, extremely flattering, with no bagginess, bunching, wedgies or chafing.  Once I tried their clothes, I was hooked.  Then I started seeing on twitter that there was a great community of women runners, including the leader of the company, Sally Bergesen.  I loved how she seemed so approachable, real and supportive of all her company's  runners. I began to dream of being part of the team.  I emailed the team manager, Kristin, and she quickly responded to me with a team application.  I jumped at the chance to apply, but was really unsure if I was what they were looking for. I typically am a middle of the packer, with a few placings in my age group category at smaller races.  But I knew that I was passionate about running, fitness and health.  I also knew that I was passionate about women in running and in companies that promote a strong, powerful image of women runners.  So, I applied. And to my delight and surprise, I was accepted!!  Since I joined the team, I have felt such support from all the team members online.  It is very motivating to know that you will have the team members checking your race result on Monday afternoon! And the well-wishes, advice and running tips are great.  I especially appreciate the team manager, Kristin for her prompt reply to my questions and concerns during the last 6 months, and to her quick response when I request that she correct one of my race times.  I felt silly asking when it was only a few seconds off, but she assured me that "every second counts"! She makes everyone on the team feel special, and I truly appreciate that. Thanks Kristin!
    The Oiselle Team is now looking for new applications and I immediately contacted all my running buddies to encourage them to apply for the team. I know that there are many ladies out there that are passionate about running, love to compete, love to motivate and encourage others.  I urge you to apply for this team.  Join a team where women from all over the country are supported in not only their running endeavors, but also in more personal ways as well.  I love to see how team members will step up in any way possible to help their fellow team members, even though they only know them "virtually". 
 You will also be joining a team that includes several Elite runners, soon to be called "Haute Volee" (high flyers).  I am honored to be on  a team that includes such fantastic women such as Lauren Fleshman, Kate Grace, and many others.  You will have access to the advice and experience of these super women and know that they support you as well.
 So, to summarize; Rogas, motivation, friendship, advice and support.  What else could you possibly want? Apply today! www.

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