Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun

I haven't blogged the last couple of weeks because I have been using any extra time I have to create my Hood to Coast application for Nuun. I have never made a video before, so to say it was challenging is an understatement.  The toughest part for me was to come up with a concept.  I am not the most creative person, so I decided to make it just about me, about my family, and about my joy and passion for running.  So, either the people at Nuun will like it, or not.  No matter what, it represents me. 
  I have been wanting to participate in a relay for a long time.  And the Hood to Coast is just so epic, being run 31 times already!  One of the most appealing parts of this application process is that it is for women runners.  I would LOVE to be on a team with 9 other women who are passionate about running like I am.  How fun! And while the whole journey seems pretty daunting (have you seen the elevation profiles?), I know I could do it. 
 And, of course, the other reason I want to be accepted is because I would be representing Nuun.  How great is that? I am so impressed by their products, and their company in general.  Here is a small company, only around now for 8 years, that is making such an impact on the running/cycling community.  I first learned of Nuun from the ladies from Another Mother Runner, Sarah and Dimity.  I listen to their podcasts (now weekly!!) and they would talk about hydrating with Nuun.  I was very curious about their products.  We moved last summer to Pennsylvania, and my husband and I visited the local running store, Appalachian Running Company . I was excited to see Nuun tablets there. How great was it to have Nuun when we were both adjusting to the change in climate from dry California to the humidity of Pennsylvania in July? What a difference it made.
 Nuun is doing a great job spreading their message through twitter, facebook and by being present at many races.  I hope that they will choose me to join their Hood to Coast team. Not only would it be fun, I would be honored!
 Here is my video, just completed tonight. I hope you like it.


  1. This is super sweet! Your family is so lovely. And the banana suit is an excellent touch. You MUST take it if you get chosen! I hope you do. Good luck!

  2. I love your slide show! So, so good! Good luck! I hope we'll get to run together in Oregon!

  3. Good luck, Nicole! Loved the video, and yeah, that banana suit was definitely a nice touch :) I hope you get picked, it was a freaking blast to run last year!!!

    It was so nice meeting you this past weekend, looking forward to your recap :)

  4. Thanks, Nicole! Good luck to you, too! And, yes, I LOVE Oiselle! :-)