Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time to Taper, and to Blog?

I am less than 3 weeks from the Harrisburg Marathon on Nov.11. To be exact, 18 days and counting.  So, even though I first came up with the idea of blogging months ago I was not ready to take the "plunge". 
But today is the day.  I need something to fill my time, and my mind for the next 18 days.  This is also a good place to figure out my race strategy, goals and keep my self accountable in being as prepared as possible for the "big" day.
 This will be my fifth marathon.  I am attempting to achieve a sub-4hr marathon.  My best time so far in a marathon was at my last marathon at the Napa Valley Marathon in March of this year. 4:09. Ok, so to be totally honest: 4:09:58. I was reviewing my race report yesterday of that race and the biggest mistake I made was going out too fast.  The weather was cold, and part of the reason I ran so fast at the beginning was to warm up! My average pace in the first 6 miles was 8:40min/mile. Way too fast! By the time I got to mile 19, the weather was much hotter (like 25 degrees warmer than the start) and the wheels were coming off for me.  Can you say "bonk"?
 I am formulating my race plan now to avoid this from happening again.  I will be writing it down soon as soon as I figure it all out. 
 I am also going to record my race report from the Army Ten-Miler last weekend.  I have it written down in my running journal, but I will add it to this blog tomorrow, with any photos I have from the race.
 So, as I bumble my way through this "blogisphere", bear with me.  This is all new territory for me.

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